New GoFundMe, President Jolly Bugari’s Uganda Visit, and New Initiatives for OTYO!

February, 2024

New GoFundMe for OTYO!

Want to join OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief) in making a difference in the village of Kebisoni? We are raising funds to purchase land to build a community center in the village of Kebisoni in rural Uganda. Check our GoFundMe Link.
OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief) started as a passion project more than 18 years ago by two women public health graduate students. Since its inception, the members of OTYO! have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life and health of women, adolescents, and orphans in rural Uganda, by providing financial and technical support to community-based organizations (CBOs) working with these populations. The CBOs supported by OTYO! will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service provision in areas of Food Security, Health Care Access, Health Education, and Community Empowerment.
Recently we received an opportunity to purchase a piece of land in the village of Kebisoni South which would be perfect for the location of OTYO’s Community Centre. Once we have obtained the land, the construction of the Community Centre will begin.
The community center will be named after President Jolly Bugari’s late parents Faith and Canon Eric Bugaari. Canon Bugaari and his wife Faith were both prominent community leaders. Canon Bugaari was first and foremost an educator who taught at the Kakinga Primary School in Kebisoni for many years and was also Canonized in the church. Faith was a leader of the Mother’s Union for the Kebisoni Chapter. Naming the Centre after Faith and Canon Bugaari would reflect and honor their roles as community leaders and educators, and is a gesture of recognition and appreciation to their community service. Because we believe in contributing to the local economy, the construction of the Centre will be done by local community members and will be managed by OTYO! members based in Kebisoni locally. 
The Centre will be designed to include space for a local OTYO! office, a small library for the community, as well as meeting rooms for skill training and youth programs led by community-based organizations.
Before we can move ahead with the construction of our Centre we need to raise the funds to purchase the land for the site. OTYO! has been offered a parcel of land located in the south Kebisoni. We will need to raise a minimum of $15,000.00 to purchase this land.
We hope you can join us in making the Community Centre a reality for the village of Kebisoni by donating what you can. We will update our fundraiser page periodically as we progress toward our financial goal.


President Jolly Bugari Visits Uganda, Our Target Community, and KTG Members

Click the image on the left or this link to view our YouTube Channel and President Jolly Bugari‘s recent visit to our target community in Rukungiri District, Uganda. Listen as OTYO! President, Jolly Bugari speaks during the Kebisoni, Uganda community celebration of our sponsorship of the Kebisoni Tumanyane Group  youth soccer league program.

The Tumanyane Sports Soccer Team finished second in the league, and the entire community came out to show their gratitude for the success of this program! Here Jolly is speaking in the local language, where a huge celebration took place to honor Jolly, and her work with OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief). OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief) on YouTube


Our Next Short Term Initiative

Our organization successfully funded the youth soccer league program for the Kebisoni Tumanyane Group (KTG), in our target community in Rukungiri District, Uganda. Building on this success, we are now raising funds for our next initiative in 2024. Please donate! Our next short term initiative will continue our sponsorship of  KTG, and will be a $5000 program, for coed music, dance, and drama groups. We are calling upon you to donate even just five dollars. You can donate here through PayPal or through our social media on Facebook and Instagram. Donations are always tax deductible, and you can find our tax EIN number on the contact page of this website. Click the image on the left or this link of Traditional Ugandan Dances to view video of the traditional dances which will be part of this program.

President Jolly Bugari‘s recent visit to our target community in Rukungiri District, Uganda. via @YouTube

Traditional dance as part of a meaningful youth program helps to promote and preserve cultural heritage. Our next project will be sponsoring a $5000 coed dance, music, and drama group for the Kebisoni Tumanyane Group (KTG) in rural Rukungiri District, Uganda. Donate today!

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