Capital Campaign for OTYO!

OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief) Capital Campaign: Raising Funds to Build the Canon Eric and Faith Bugaari Community Centre.  

If you are a previous donor, OTYO! has benefited greatly from your generous donation(s) in the past.  We could not survive without your support and interest for our programs. Although we are a small organization, we have big plans for the future as you can see. Once the construction of the Community Centre is complete, we will be able to provide the youth programs and skills training we are working on with local community based organizations.

One of programs we are developing will address the high drop-out rate for girls in the area. The Community Centre will provide a place for local women and girls to learn how to make reusable sanitary pads. Unfortunately, Uganda does not provide easy access to sanitary supplies, thus resulting in numerous young girls dropping out of school due a lack of access of sanitary pads. This is a major issue in the region.

However the Sanitary Pad Project cannot be launched in this region until the Community Centre is built. This is where you we need your help. We have a goal of raising $250,000 US dollars to purchase land, build this centre, and run this and similar programs for 3 years. 

While any gift is welcome, we look upon you as a past donor and strong supporter for our cause to help us move ahead with this endeavor.  

If we can receive a donation of $1,000 from 50 people we will be well on our way to making the Community Centre a reality.  Can we rely on you to be one of those 50 donors? 

*A donation of $50: Will pay for one square foot of land for the Centre. 

*A donation of $100: will cover the cost of the tools needed for construction of the Centre.

*A donation of $500: Will cover the cost of 10 square feet of building space.

Help us make The Canon Eric and Faith Bugaari Community Centre a reality!