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OTYO! Update, March 2021

  • Current needs assessments completed in UG by OTYO members for 2021.
  • Hand-washing soap procurement and handout set up and scheduled for spring 2021.
  • All OTYO projects and initiatives are moving forward.
  • April 3rd GroupRaise restaurant event at Mountain Mike’s Pizza, 4th Street in San Rafael, confirmed with both pickup and delivery.
  • Current social media outreach, and Facebook fundraisers doing well.
  • Promoting Pop Up Art Gallery SF: by appointment only, Instagram, FB, Twitter.
  • Winter 2020 and spring 2021 fundraising look to cover current operations, assistance initiatives, and also add increments toward major projects.
  • New ideas being explored to reach large donors to fund the Community Centre.
  • Volunteers are always welcome to apply.

Winter 2020/2021 Update: Fundraising Goal Achieved!

OTYO! is pleased to announce that we have achieved our fundraising goals for the fall of 2020 through our social media platforms, events, and outreach. OTYO! will use these funds to provide additional assistance during the COVID pandemic to our target population in rural Uganda. Members of our board have arrived in Uganda from the US and will work with our Uganda Secretary and Liaison to procure and distribute hand-washing soap to the community in Kebisoni, North Kigezi Diocese, Rukungiri District, Uganda. We are especially grateful to all contributors and supporters. We also greatly value the people who enjoy our content, and who ‘like’ and share our posts, which helps us reach new viewers. We enjoy being a part of the global conversation on social justice, and work at being relevant in that movement as much as we are working to raise funds for our projects.

Moving forward, please view our website to learn about our short and long term projects, our organization, and access other content such as our African Art Gallery. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see all of our posts, announcements, and news. Thank you to all of our supporters, and Happy Holidays!

Coming up in 2021: further content on Canon Eric Bugaari and his legacy; fundraising for the Pad Project, short term grants, and the Community Centre; GroupRaise dining/takeout events; The OTYO! Livestream Art Sale and Exhibition!

OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief) board members meet monthly.

Assistance for Covid-19 , Fall 2020

Currently, we have created fundraising for providing assistance during the COVID pandemic for our target population in Rukungiri District, rural Uganda. Our needs-assessments indicate that it will be critical to use some of our funds to provide a second immediate support package to our target population during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. We are raising $1000 for round 2 of this assistance through our social media platforms. Our secretary, development contributor, and Uganda Secretary and Liaison, Louise Bugaari, will oversee the procurement and distribution of hand-washing soap and face-masks to the entire community in Kebisoni. This project will be carried out with the help of local community leaders, the local church, and Archdeacon Van Amos Katsigazi. Members of this rural community do not have ready access to handwashing soap or face masks at this time. It is important to note again that the people of the Rukungiri district and Kebisoni do not have ambulances or first responders, nor nearby hospitals with modern technology.

Thank You Nora Jean Stone!

OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief) wishes to express our sincere gratitude to Nora for her continued support, and her amazing Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook this summer! Nora and her community raised a huge chunk of funding for OTYO again this year! This has really helped our summer to be successful and helpful. We are so impressed with how Nora and her friends and family stepped up to support the women and children of rural Uganda.

Thank You, Nora!!!

November 2020

Summer 2020: OTYO! and our Covid-19 Assistance

How OTYO! is responding to the COVID-19 global crisis.

Locally, our VP and board-member, Cathy Chappell-Chambers, and her family began making face-masks and providing them to the people in her local community when the critical need developed. At a time when Covid-19 cases were surging locally, and no masks were available, Cathy and her family put together the materials and the know-how to make masks for her neighborhood and beyond. Many of the people who received a mask from Cathy’s family then donated to OTYO! in gratitude. 














Globally, we created an immediate assistance plan for our target population in Rukungiri district, Uganda. Our President, Jolly Bugari, reviewed our needs-assessments, and developed an intervention for immediate implementation. Subsequently in May, OTYO! used some of our funds to provide immediate critical support during the Covid-19 crisis. Our board-member and Uganda liaison, Louise Bugaari, set up the procurement and distribution of hand-washing soap and face-masks to the entire community in Kebisoni, through her expert management, local network, and business expertise.  This project is being conducted currently with the help of local community leaders, the local church, and Archdeacon Van Amos Katsigazi. Members of this community do not have ready access to handwashing soap at this time, let alone face masks. And it is important to note that the people of the Rukungiri district and Kebisoni do not have ambulances or first responders, nor nearby hospitals with modern technology.

Moving forward, OTYO will be conducting further needs-assessments with the help of our network in Uganda, and we will be providing further community support in regards to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. COVID-19 is impacting this rural farming community in a similar way as has the AIDS crisis.

Our board meets monthly.

Spring 2020: Photos from our Art Exhibition Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who attended our Art Exhibition Fundraiser on March 7th & 8th, 2020 at The Art Room, 1072 Geneva, in San Francisco, CA. 

Now more than ever you need some African artwork in your home!

This Art Exhibition featured works by contemporary Ugandan artists David Kibuuka, James Kitamirike, Dan Sekanwagi, and many others. The exhibition included oil and acrylics on canvas, limited edition giclee prints, sketches, as well as many unique wooden canvas and wood panel pieces.


We had a great turnout, and we are grateful to all who came and supported OTYO! through their attendance, donations, and logistical help.  We met some wonderful people and enjoyed the event.




We have a large collection of quality artwork and will be holding more events soon in San Francisco, Oakland, and around the Bay Area!





Now more than ever you need some African artwork in your home!

Your Contribution Matters

  • Donate directly to our OTYO! Website using Paypal.
  • Donate to our Facebook page using Paypal or a donation button.
  • Donate directly to OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief) via email or regular mail using the info on our Contact Page.
  • Shop via Amazon Smile and choose our nonprofit as your recipient (no extra costs to you).
  • Contribute to one of our fundraisers on one of our social media platforms.
  • Visit our Capital Campaign page to see how donation amounts apply to construction of the Community Centre.

2021 and Beyond

Greetings from all of us at OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief)…  We hope everyone will enjoy a wonderful holiday season!

We share a special thank you to contributor Joe Tosaky for his great work on our website, and current updates to our progress page.

We share again a special thank you to contributor Samali Bikangaga for creating and providing beautifully produced interview and documentary video from our target area that we will soon be sharing on our website! Thank you, Samali!

Here are some of the things we will be working on in 2021

  • We will continue hosting OTYO! Art Receptions to raise funds through the auction/sale of high-value paintings, prints, and other types of artwork by African artists in fun events that will include music and refreshments.
  • Read about our new email Capital Campaign on the link in our banner. Share some of your contacts with us!
  • We will be hosting new GroupRaise events, look for our promotions.
  • Please consider shopping with Amazon Smile during the year, and choosing OTYO! as your designated nonprofit. A small percentage of your purchase will go to our organization.
  • Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see our latest news links, and to donate to a fundraiser.
  • Look for new Art Show events we are planning in 2021 at Spressa Coffee in San Francisco, and other Bay Area venues!
  • Look for new video and photos to inform about our target population and projects.

The board meets monthly, and last met physically on November 22nd, 2020 to continue with ongoing project development, plan for our upcoming events, maintain records, and to discuss various logistical and structural developments. Meeting notes and minutes are available for review.

Below is the newest rendering of our Community Centre project:

Remember your contributions matter greatly!


OTYO! Highlights from 2020 and 2021

Our Sidewalk Art Sale at Spressa Coffee in San Francisco, on September 28th was a great success! We definitely sold some pieces, made new contacts, and networked with new people.  We had a small crowd all day, as we provided music, food and beverages, and a fine collection artwork.

This summer, OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief) announced the addition of Joe Dalmon, Nora Jean Stone, and Michael Croke to our Members and Contributors page.

Our Groupraise event at Mountain Mike’s Pizza on August 17th was also a great success. This event brought in around $600.  Mountain Mike’s owner John Girard was enthusiastic and helpful.  Thank you to everyone who RSVP’d, and who attended the event.

We had several individuals provide private donations this summer, as well.

We raised well over $1000 this summer.

We continue to achieve our goals and move our projects forward.  Our capacity to provide useful grants to local CBO’s is a reality.  Both our Community Centre and Sanitary Pad projects are reaching necessary funding, and have a confirmed site for development in Kebisoni, UG.


The board meets monthly.

Remember to scroll down for our newsfeed and other links

May, 2019

Everyone at OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief) wish to express a huge and heartfelt thank you to the Roach family for creating, planning, and facilitating a special fundraising and information sharing event at the wonderful Verve Wine, recently in San Francisco. This was extremely generous. We appreciate it tremendously. Iit was a great success! We are so grateful for the support and the exposure, and for the opportunity to expand our community. We sincerely enjoyed meeting everyone who attended the gathering.

All of us at OTYO! A Sigh of Relief wish to express our gratitude to Connie Miranda, for her wonderful photography and images, including the colorful “Calabash” photo that we use in our banner on Facebook, and within our website. Thank you, Connie, for being an important contributor to OTYO! We appreciate your great work!