Winter 2020/2021 Update: Fundraising Goal Achieved!

OTYO! is pleased to announce that we have achieved our fundraising goals for the fall of 2020 through our social media platforms, events, and outreach. OTYO! is now implementing Round 2, the second installment of our Covid-19 Support Project, for our target population in rural Uganda. Members of our board have arrived in Uganda from the US and will work with our Uganda Liaison to procure and distribute hand-washing soap and face masks to the community in Kebisoni, North Kigezi Diocese, Rukungiri District, Uganda. We are especially grateful to Nora Jean Stone for her repeated Facebook birthday fundraisers, and also Doug Chappell, Michael Croke, Jeff Gerbic, Saku Bikangaga, Zora Bikangaga, Samali Bikangaga, Rebecca Firstenfeld, Nancy Donald, and many others for their contributions and support. We also greatly value the people who enjoy our content, and who LIKE and share our posts, which helps us a lot. We enjoy being a part of the global conversation on social justice, and work at being relevant in that movement as much as we are working to raise funds for our projects.

Moving forward, please view our website to learn about our short and long term projects, our organization, and access other content such as our African Art Gallery. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see all of our posts, announcements, and news. Thank you to all of our supporters, and Happy Holidays!

Coming up in 2021: further content on Canon Eric Bugari and his legacy; fundraising for the Pad Project, short term grants, and the Community Centre; GroupRaise dining/takeout events; The OTYO! Livestream Art Sale and Exhibition!

OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief) board members continue to meet monthly, and last met, planned, and collaborated in December of 2020.

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