Assistance for Covid-19 , Fall 2020

Currently, we have created fundraising for providing assistance during the COVID pandemic for our target population in Rukungiri District, rural Uganda. Our needs-assessments indicate that it will be critical to use some of our funds to provide a second immediate support package to our target population during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. We are raising $1000 for round 2 of this assistance through our social media platforms. Our secretary, development contributor, and Uganda Secretary and Liaison, Louise Bugaari, will oversee the procurement and distribution of hand-washing soap and face-masks to the entire community in Kebisoni. This project will be carried out with the help of local community leaders, the local church, and Archdeacon Van Amos Katsigazi. Members of this rural community do not have ready access to handwashing soap or face masks at this time. It is important to note again that the people of the Rukungiri district and Kebisoni do not have ambulances or first responders, nor nearby hospitals with modern technology.

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