Fall 2022 Updates: Short Term Initiative Fundraising Goal Reached!

Drive for Purchasing a System for Public Address


Our short term initiative fundraising goal for the fall 2022 quarter has been reached, providing $1000 to our target community through Kakinga Parish to purchase a public address system for the community. This initiative aligns with our mission, with the system facilitating community health education and community forums. Donations we receive during the remainder of the fall 2022 season will be applied toward our Community Centre project. We are beginning work on a new short term initiative to be announced for the holiday season.   


Thank you, ABURAYA!







ABURAYA Event Video


Our September 2022 charity art sale fundraiser at ABURAYA in Oakland was a huge success! We had a lot of traffic, a lot of people came, we did a lot of networking, and yes, we sold a good number of pieces! Whoo hoo! The owner, Adachi, and his staff were absolutely wonderful, welcoming, and helpful! We are so grateful for this opportunity. In fact we’ve almost reached our fundraising goal for the quarter! Thank you to all of our OTYO! supporters!


The OTYO! Collection of Fine African Artwork for Charitable Fundraising!  Here you can view our collection in a beautifully photographed digital gallery.  Click to view details about each piece, the artist, the asking price, and make an offer!

Just a click away…

The OTYO! Collection of Fine African Artwork for Charitable Fundraising




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Help us build the Canon Eric and Faith Bugaari Community Centre in Kebisoni, Rukungiri District, Uganda.

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