Announcing our new Crowdrise campaign!

December 2018

We have joined the wonderful site to help us with our latest fundraising campaigns. Help us break ground on the Canon Eric and Faith Bugari Community Centre by donating. A donation of $50 is the equivalent of one square foot of the building. And help us launch our inaugural Sanitary Pad Project group with your donation, as well.

PS: We have raised over $1000 dollars this month of Decenmber 2018 with the help of our friends in social media, their birthday fundraisers, and individual donations.

Learn more about OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief)

Researching potential crafts and industries is a big part of our work.  It’s just one of the ways we build close relationships with communities, and work to be responsive to their needs.  We have met and talked with many people regarding possible income generating projects.  Where can we source local materials?  What is the range of skill sets in the community?  Who is growing and having an impact?  How do others do it?  We learn more every day about what is needed to make these projects grow and endure.

We’ve Updated Our Website!

Check out our new photo galleries and information pages!

You can now view our selection of African artwork in our new gallery pages…  Make an offer!  Values, artists, and descriptions are available on our Pinterest page at

Our new pages include a Progress page where you can see what we’ve done, a Volunteer opportunities page where you can find out how to help or join us, and a Sustainability page where you can learn how the organization, and projects such as the Community Centre work.

We also have some pictures of the Community Centre site, the church, and the local area in our projects gallery.











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