OTYO! Summer Events and Happenings for 2019

Upcoming Events:

Art Sale at Spressa Coffee: September 28th, 2019, 10am to 4pm in San Francisco. Location: 51 Cambon, San Francisco 94132. All day art sale of truly fine, original paintings and prints by celebrated African artists, James Kitimirike and David Kibuuka. This event is conveniently located at a venue where food and beverages can be purchased. Entertainment will be provided. You can see some of the pieces here in our website’s gallery. In the interest of serving our target population, items will be priced to sell, and negotiable.


OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief) is pleased and honored to announce the addition of our contributors Joe Dalmon, Nora Jean Stone, and Michael Croke, whose level of support has  placed them on our Members and Contributors page!

Our Groupraise event at Mountain Mike’s Pizza on August 17th was a great success. This event brought in around $300!!  Mountain Mike’s owner John Girard has been extremely generous and supportive. Thank you to everyone who RSVP’d and went to the event 🙂

We have raised more than $700 so far this summer!


The board meets monthly, and last met on August 25th to continue with ongoing project development, plan for our upcoming events, maintain records, and to discuss various logistical and structural developments. Meeting notes and minutes are available for review.  Our next meeting is on September 21st.

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Thank you to Connie Miranda, and Katie, Morgan, and Wren!

May, 2019

Thank you to Katie, Morgan, and Wren!

Cathy, Jolly, and everyone at OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief) wish to express a huge and heartfelt thank you to Katie, Morgan, and Wren Roach for creating, planning, and facilitating a special fundraising and information sharing event at the wonderful Verve Wine, recently in San Francisco. This was extremely thoughtful and generous. We appreciate it tremendously. And it was a great success! We are so grateful for the support and the exposure, and for the opportunity to expand our community. The time spent getting to know everyone was fun and productive. We sincerely enjoyed meeting everyone who attended the gathering. We respectfully thank you for your donations, as well. Another $400 was raised! Thank you so much everyone! (We also recognize contributors on our About OTYO! page).

Here is a link for Verve Wine if you are interested: https://www.vervewine.com/

Thank you, Connie Miranda!

All of us at OTYO! A Sigh of Relief wish to express our gratitude to Connie Miranda, for her wonderful photography and images, including the colorful “Calabash” photo that we use in our banner on Facebook, and within our website. Thank you, Connie, for being an important contributor to OTYO! We appreciate your great work! (We also recognize contributors on our About OTYO! page).



Greetings for 2019 from OTYO!

January 2019

Greetings to all from OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief).  We had a successful year in 2018, with meaningful fundraising gains putting us close to the $10,000 mark.  We brought in more than $2500 dollars during December with the help of our friends in social media, their birthday fundraisers, and individual donations!  In addition to our social media outreach, and other fundraising events, we have also joined Crowdrise.com for 2019 to help us with our campaigns.  You can help us break ground on the Canon Eric and Faith Bugari Community Centre by donating.  A donation of $50 is the equivalent of one square foot of the building. And help us launch our inaugural Sanitary Pad Project group with your donation, as well.

OTYO! is pleased to introduce Joe Tosaky as a Board Member, Website Design Manager, and overall online computer guru. Joe has been an important and generous contributor for OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief), providing critical technical support.


PS: You can donate through our website at www.otyo.org, Paypal, Facebook, and Crowdrise.com.