Visit Our Pop-up Art Gallery in San Francisco!

These are some of the paintings and prints from celebrated African artists that were donated to OTYO! for fundraising. We have about 100 authentic pieces of various media from renowned African artists at our Gallery in San Francisco, California. Artists include David Kibuuka, James Kitamirike, and Dan Sekanwagi. We offer refreshments and regional music for your visit. We would love to meet you and network for Uganda!

Suggested prices and descriptions for more of our collection, plus artist info, are available on Instagram at otyoasighofrelief, and on our Pinterest page at

Please visit our Pop-up Art Gallery in San Francisco by appointment to view all of our collection, including wooden panels, textiles, fabric wall hangings, lithographs, acrylic paintings, and prints of various sizes. You can make an appointment, or an offer for artwork here on our website, via email, through our Facebook page, or through Instagram.

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