In Memory of Michael Croke, December 2022

The OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief) organization wishes to express the great sadness we all feel over the passing of our good friend, Michael Croke. Michael was a close friend of our SF secretary, David Gerbic, and also of our president, Jolly Bugari. Michael was an older brother to Joey Dalmon, a lifelong friend of David. Michael became close to us after the passing of his brother, Joey. Michael was a very frequent donor, supporter, and contributor to our OTYO! organization in the name of his brother. His kindness, support, and contributions helped to facilitate many of OTYO’s initiatives and grants over the last several years. Michael made a difference for many people in the community we serve. We are grateful to have known his friendship, and we are grateful for all of the ways he contributed to those in need. We will miss you, Michael. God Bless

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