OTYO! in June 2019

Thank you, Connie Miranda!

All of us at OTYO! A Sigh of Relief wish to express our gratitude to Connie Miranda, for her wonderful photography and images, including the colorful “Calabash” photo that we use in our banner on Facebook, and within our website. Thank you, Connie, for being an important contributor to OTYO! We appreciate your great work! (We also recognize contributors on our About OTYO! page).

Upcoming Events:

July 27th, Outdoor Art Sale, 10am to 4pm in San Francisco. Location: 50 Chumasero Drive, San Francisco, at the Zen Garden in Park Merced. Featuring fine paintings and prints by celebrated African artists. This event will offer incredible bargains on our amazing collection of donated quality artwork, as well as music, refreshments, and information sharing. You can view some of the pieces right here on our website, and on our Pinterest page, as well. The area also offers some great attractions to plan a day around. Further information and promotional incentives will be coming soon!

August 17th, 2019, Dine at Mountain Mike’s Pizza, all day in San Rafael. Location: 2100 4th Street, San Rafael. Great pizza! Mention OTYO! when you purchase a pizza at Mountain Mike’s in San Rafael on this day, and 20% gets donated to our projects! This is a Groupraise event. We will be doing the official promotion soon, and asking our supporters to rsvp and hold the event.

September 2019: Art sale at Spressa Coffee in San Francisco

Meetings: The board met on June 2nd to continue with ongoing project development, plan for upcoming events, maintain records, and discuss various logistical and structural developments. The next board meeting will be June 15th in San Francisco.

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