Greetings for 2019 from OTYO!

January 2019

Greetings to all from OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief).  We had a successful year in 2018, with meaningful fundraising gains putting us close to the $10,000 mark.  We brought in more than $2500 dollars during December with the help of our friends in social media, their birthday fundraisers, and individual donations!  In addition to our social media outreach, and other fundraising events, we have also joined for 2019 to help us with our campaigns.  You can help us break ground on the Canon Eric and Faith Bugari Community Centre by donating.  A donation of $50 is the equivalent of one square foot of the building. And help us launch our inaugural Sanitary Pad Project group with your donation, as well.

OTYO! is pleased to introduce Joe Tosaky as a Board Member, Website Design Manager, and overall online computer guru. Joe has been an important and generous contributor for OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief), providing critical technical support.

PS: You can donate through our website at, Paypal, Facebook, and

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