Stories of Change: KTG’s Community Impact

The Kebisoni Tumanyane Group is a CBO registered with the Government of Uganda, which was started in 2019 as a community-based group that focuses on community development. This organization is sponsored in part by OTYO! (A Sigh of Relief) through our support of the KTG youth football league, and Kebisoni Tumanyane Sports Team.

The group leadership consists of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Mobiliser, Sports Representatives, and Parish Coordinators spread over 5 parishes (Nyeibingo, Karuhembe, Mabanga, Garibunda, Kigiro). The Kebisoni town council has 4 wards (Northern,Southern,Central and Eastern).

Among the work that KTG has done so far are initiatives that have had real impact on the local community, including:

  1. Creating a youth football league for youth 15 years and up.
  2. Buying a solar power system and lighting for Kebisoni HCIV community clinic.
  3. Helping to secure 6 University scholarships for some of the poor youth from Kebisoni to join African Renewal University 
  4. Securing for free skilling for16 youth with Kigezi Zone Presidential Industrial Hub.
  5. Its Branch Kebisoni Tumanyane Sports Team having participated in the Possmuss League (a Kyamakanda Secondary School Football league of former students and well-wishers) for two seasons, and last Season and managing to finish second.
  6. Helping and consoling community members that have fallen sick and those who have lost loved ones. During covid pandemic the group was there for those who were bed ridden.
  7. Facilitating themed events where members showcase their private businesses every Monday and Tuesday as Market Days and seek for members support.

Of particular note, the KTG youth football league and the Kebison Tumanyane Sports Team have helped the local youth to avoid alcohol abuse by providing a meaningful, organized, and supportive sports experience. Many older youth 15 years and up have benefitted from the league’s emphasis on health education and developing good living habits for success. A particular youth that was falling into alcoholism was rescued by the team. He was encouraged to join. Now he is a goalie for the team, and focusing on his education.

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